LEADER: Doni Hogarty
Contact the leader on (033) 330 3456

Woman are definitely close to God’s heart. He has made us beautiful, worthy, full of value, and able to carry life to the next generation. Unfortunately as women we spend our time second guessing what is tapped up within us, and in doing so deny God the opportunity to use us powerfully. We believe it is time for woman to live in the fullness of God’s perfect plan – beautiful, full of honor, resourceful, capable, graceful and without shame. This is our goal as Radiant Ladies Ministry.

We get together for a conference annually, with the purpose of gathering woman from the community to get to know each other better, encounter the King of glory and be empowered to continue moulding our families into well-developed kingdom carriers. Throughout the year there are also smaller events aimed at empowering women to live out their faith and touch those around them. We invite you to get involved as we believe every woman can have a great self-image, an awesome marriage and be amazing mothers.
Come on ladies… it is time to SHINE!

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings