LEADER: Shanelle van Niekerk
Contact the leader on (033) 330 3456

The Arts have taken centre stage in history as the mouthpiece for declaring cultural beliefs, values and future ideas, inspiring stories, impacting pieces, piercing melodies and innovative thoughts, all with the purpose of fashioning our tomorrow. Whether we acknowledge it or not the Arts play a huge role in directing our thoughts, igniting emotion and contributing to our beliefs. This is why we want to recapture this vital, God-given weapon and train students to use their creative ability to establish the culture of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’ (Matt 6:10). There are new sounds to be captured, stories to be penned and art pieces to be created that will communicate the Good News of God and release new life, joy, hope and love into this world. All creation is waiting for this exciting time as those who bear the image of the Creator arise and begin to create His purposes here on earth. Join us as we partner with God to beautify our world through the Arts.

OUR MISSION: We are a Christian Arts School who seek to equip students of all ages in various art forms so that they can become agents of transformation in society, binging the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth their creative ability.

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings