LEADER: Natasha Dell
Contact the leader on (033) 330 3456

Cafe Chazown was birthed out of a desire to create a space for people to discover who God has created them to be – a space that radiates with hope, encouragement and warmth. We always dreamt of a place that invites people into a journey of discovering their value and purpose in God, and a space that is ultra-fun, flavoured and fulfilling. As the Hebrew name ‘Chazown’ implies, a space where people would be free to dream. You may ask, ‘Well, where does coffee fit into this?’ The answer is simple – right in the middle! Coffee remains a common interest to all, and it is this common interest that we want to exploit to the maximum. It draws us together so that we can inspire each other, love selflessly, and spur one another’s dreams on. It allows us to take our foot off the accelerator of life and spend time on things that truly matter. It allows us to blend fragrance with friendship, texture with talk and a good cup (of skillfully extracted espresso) with courage. It allows us the freedom to be ourselves and establish lasting connections with those around us. We invite you to journey with us to discover your ‘Chazown’ – limitless opportunities await!

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings