My brother had been estranged from our family for a long time. He left to live in another country several years ago, and the unresolved issues between “us and him” grew to the point where there has been absolutely no communication between us and him for close on three years.

About a year ago, I prayed and asked God to bring restoration to our family. My prayer was “Father, however You want to bring that restoration, whatever it looks like, that’s what I want for my family.” Then, a few months ago, Bernice Clifton gave me a word of knowledge that God was bringing restoration to my family. I thought briefly about my prayer about my brother, and whilst I was encouraged that God had not forgotten, I wondered how this now seemingly impossible task of restoration would happen.

Then, a few weeks ago, we received word from my brother’s ex-wife, that my brother had had a brain seizure and was in hospital. I sent a message to my brother indicating that we were praying for complete healing for him. I was nervous sending him that message because whenever I did send a message to him previously, it wasn’t received well. The glorious part of this testimony is that this “brain seizure” was what God used to bring revelation to my brother that we cared and he reached out to us.

In hospital he rededicated his life to the Lord and to his relationship with his family. He is now visiting us in South Africa where our relationship is such that the last several years of separation and animosity have been completely obliterated from our relationship completely restored. Not only that, but our prayers for complete healing were also answered. He has had numerous scans and tests and they can find absolutely no reason for the seizure and no damage in any form to his brain. This latest answer to our prayers is so encouraging to us and has built tremendous faith in a Father who clearly ALWAYS comes through. He has used this situation to remind us that our prayers are extremely powerful, and that it should build faith to not only continue to pray for our own situations, but give us boldness to pray for and with others. God is SO good and He wants to show us and everyone else around us just how good He is!

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