While in Mozambique, the Oasis Team did some Hospital ministry, and we landed up in the dermatology ward. I prayed for this man who had both his eyes swollen like a bee had stung them. So I laid hands on him and prayed that God would heal his eyes. I had no idea he was blind in one eye. Eventually I wasn’t seeing any physical healing, so I called the translator over and asked him to ask the man I was praying for if he felt any better. The guy started chatting away in Portuguese and then said that, before I prayed for him, he couldn’t see out of his left eye. After I prayed for him, he could see again. So I told him to close his right eye and tell me how many fingers I was holding up. I held out four fingers, and he told the translator I was holding four fingers out at him. Like what!!!! God is just incredible how he always wants to heal, and this guy got to see Gods power. God is just amazing. – Luanna Hutton

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