We took a risk and gathered with a team on the streets of Ladysmith to love people! It was so easy to see God at work and one story stands out: God highlighted a particular guy to me in the shopping mall and so we went up just to connect with him, only to find out that he was an addict with a painful past whom God was about to totally redeem! God began to speak to me about his future and so I shared some of this with him and he was blown away.

He had always had a desire to go into business and study further and these words just confirmed this dream. God also spoke to me about an area in his body that needed healing and after a simple prayer, he was over-joyed by the relief of no pain, again confirming the immense love God was revealing to him. He quickly responded to this encounter with the Gospel, and accepted Jesus then and there!

The next day he was sitting in the second row of church, fully engaged in what God was doing and quickly responding to the call to ‘repent and be baptised’. That afternoon was a beautiful display of family as the church community witnessed his baptism and welcomed him into an exciting journey with Jesus as his centre. He is pursuing healing, freedom and his new future in God. In his own words, ‘I’m tired with my old life, I want something new.’ The streets of our cities are alive with stories of redemption just like this one – we just need to GO!

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