I had just arrived home from work, and I was pulling through the gate to my house when I noticed and older lady limping down the street. I considered offering her a ride to where she was going, but that sounded weird to me. Some random guy pulling over and asking a woman to get into his car sounded like a pretty creepy thing to do. But I decided to risk the chance of being thought of as a creep and offer her a ride.

I got back into my car, drove up to her, and offered her ride. She seemed relived, and she happily accepted my offer. As we were driving I asked her about her limp. She said she had a lot of pain down her back. I offered to pray for her back when I finished driving her, and she readily accepted the prayer too.

When we arrived, she turned and told me it was her lower back that in a lot of pain, so I placed my hand on her lower back and commanded the pain to leave her in Jesus’s name. She then got out of my car as I told her to test it out. She started to twist, turn, and bend over. I asked her if the pain was still the same as it was before and she exclaimed “No!”. She ended up walking away amazed and rubbing her back. She had been healed!

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