I was going about my day like normal, when I passed my friend sitting at her desk. I asked her how she was, and she explained how she had been in a car accident recently, so she had been in a lot of pain. She said she had just purchased an expensive memory foam pillow in order to help alleviate the pain she had in her shoulder while she slept.

I asked if I could pray for her, and she agreed to let me. I laid my hands gently on her shoulder and told all the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. I could feel the love of the Father for her while I prayed. When I finished, I asked her to check out her shoulder to see if it felt different. With wide eyes, she told me that all the pain was gone! She then started to open drawers and she remarked at how she couldn’t open them before without a ton of pain.

As the day went on, she would walk by and explain to me how she has been shrugging her shoulders all the time because she couldn’t do that before without pain. I wonder if she’ll be able to return that expensive pillow now…

What a good Father we have!

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