There was a fire drill at Oasis Preparatory school today. As the alarm rang out, the students all exited their classrooms to line up on the field. Within a few minutes, a couple security guards showed up in response to the alarm too. We explained to them that it was just a drill, and I walked with them back to their car. As a I walked with them, I started talking to them about Jesus, and I shared a testimony with them of a friend of mine who got saved and healed the other day. I then asked them if they had any pain in their bodies. One of them said that he had some pretty bad shoulder pain. He said it hurt really badly to move his arm around and that there was chronic pain that persisted even when he held his arm still.

He agreed to let me pray for his arm. I prayed a short 30-second prayer of healing for his shoulder and then asked him to test it out to see if anything was different. He started to move his arm, and then he looked at me with weird facial expression. He said it was significantly better. I asked him how much pain he had now, and he said that all the pain was completely gone! He turned to the other guard and said “I’m serious, the pain is gone!”. I explained to them how much Jesus loves them both, and they left with a new encounter from our loving God.

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