I was out on the grounds of Oasis Preparatory School while the students were having their break time when suddenly one of the older boys came up to me. He told me his legs were really hurting and that it hurt for him to walk. I asked him if it was just a sore muscle, but he said it wasn’t. He explained that it was actually an intense stabbing pain.

He agreed to let me pray for him, so I knelt down. However, just then I noticed some grade one students around me, so I invited them over to pray for the older boy. I told them to repeat after me as I said ” In the name of Jesus, all pain go! Healing come in Jesus name! Pain, get out!” The young children commanded all the pain to leave as they repeated everything I said. Then I asked the boy to test out his legs to see if anything changed. He moved his legs around and big grin broke out on his face. He told me that all the pain was gone. He didn’t have any pain at all anymore! I then turned to the young children who prayed for him, and I explained to them that God just performed a miracle through them. I love that God uses everyone!

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