God has changed my life completely. I have been going through severe darkness in my life. I began to believe lies about myself, my life, and God’s purpose for me. I was attacked by the devil in the form of lies. On the first day of the Believe conference, I could barely breathe and felt like I was being strangled, and I was nauseous and shaking. But at the end, I went up for prayer, and Wendy from the visiting Bethel broke off so many lies and generational curses from my life. She said specific feelings and words that were so relational and literally they were so clearly from God. She spoke about my depression, my anxiety, my dark insecurity, my unclear purpose, my self confidence, and God’s love for me. She broke off so many lies in those areas.

That night I slept without medication and woke up rested. I then dressed in bright colors. I was unaware that I had been dressing in neutral dark colors for a long time. I feel light and free. I’ve started to have prophetic visions again that are so clear. I freely worshiped, sang, and danced without anxiety, feelings of judgement, or feelings of panic of the first time in years! God clearly spoke to me in many ways. I began to hope and break lies off. Then God gave me clear prophetic words into His purpose for me: untold blessings I had forgotten. The entire conference has been exactly what I needed for every area in my life!

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