The church sent a ministry team to Kogstad last weekend, and I had the honor of getting to be on that team. During the trip, we ran a Sunday service for a church there. At one point in the service, the Oasis team went to the front and spoke out words of knowledge – certain sicknesses and injuries that we felt God wanted to heal that day. Two of the team members felt like God wanted to heal ears and specifically deafness. When people stood up, I went into the crowd to pray for one lady.

She told me that she had difficulty hearing, so I asked her to close her eyes. I then snapped my fingers softly next to her ears and asked if she could hear it. She said she could hear the snapping faintly. So then prayed for her. I ended up praying for her about 3 times, but by the end of the third time, she said her hearing was much better! I tried snapping my fingers softly near her ears again, and she said it was much louder than before. She also said she could hear me talking, and in a noisy room, that would have been impossible before! She was so happy and excited! God is good!!

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