During my quiet time I asked God to show me someone to love and encourage when I was in the supermarket later that morning. Time was a little short so I did not have time to wait on God for a picture of the person, clothing or some form of identification. However I remember saying to God, “But You are more than able to show me who it is when the time comes.”

By the time I walked down the supermarket aisles I had actually forgotten my prayer – but God had not! Towards me down one of the aisles walked a rather unwell looking lady. Her face was almost gray and she had a scarf wrapped firmly round her head. My heart went out to her, but it was only as she passed me that God shouted in my ear, “Hey, that’s your lady!” I dithered. I could hardly turn around and rush after her. Anyway I had nothing to say…….”Oh dear, I’m sorry Dad I’ve blown that one; and I felt such compassion for that dear lady too.”

Sadly I continued my way down the aisle. Imagine my delight when I turned into the next aisle to find the same lady walking towards me! Hooray, a second chance!! I still didn’t know what to say but I started talking as soon as we drew level. “I saw you in the previous aisle and God laid you on my heart. He wants you to know how much He loves you (a kind of safe beginning – then I felt God’s hand on me and knew what to say) He wants you to know He’s not forgotten you.” The lady stared at me for a second or two, stunned. Then suddenly her face broke into a huge smile, she threw her arms around me (a total stranger in a supermarket aisle) and gave me an enormous kiss. That was precious! How good and faithful is our God!!

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