I called a lady for business and asked “how are you?” Her reply startled me, she said, “I’m actually really not well, we have just had a death in the family and I have come to Johannesburg (She lives in Howick) for the funeral, but the process has been delayed since the hospital is on strike and the autopsy can’t be done.” I offered my condolences and asked if I could pray with her. I prayed for 3 things, 1-for favour with the hospital that the autopsy would happen before the scheduled date of the following Tuesday(it was a Wednesday), 2-for favour with all the arrangements that needed to happen, Romans 8:28 and 3-for unity in her family.

The following Monday I saw this lady in person and I asked “what happened?!? I thought you would still be in Johannesburg?” She said “You won’t believe it! They did the autopsy ahead of schedule, we had such favour with that and all of the arrangements, from the flowers to all the little things that needed to happen. Even more importantly, this has brought my family together as never before, we even have a family chat group now! God answered all of the things you prayed!”

Isn’t God good!

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