Here are four testimonies from some of the students who attended the G300 youth camp.

I have been very upset for quite a long time, and I haven’t been happy. I had to put on a fake smile so everyone wouldn’t know what I was thinking. This has been happening ever since I moved here to Howick from Durban. It was hard for me to make friends, so I started going to the Oasis youth and they started talking about this amazing camp. At first I was like “mmmmm mud not so sure.” But I decided to go. So we get there, and the youth gets split up into guys and girls which I was really nervous about. Things are going through my head like what if my team doesn’t like me what if I don’t have any friends. We eat finally. That was the one thing I couldn’t wait for, I mean don’t judge me. The second to last night I was praying, and a girl I met told me to go pray at the cross. I prayed and prayed that I would feel joy or at least feel something, so I went back to Rachel and we were singing, and Minette (one of the preachers) said “I feel the presence of Jesus in this room” and as she said that, I just fell to the floor laughing. I was laughing and laughing. I couldn’t control it. I was laughing so hard they had to put me and other people in another room, but we were so loud they cold still hear us. I was probably laughing for 2 hours at the least. I actually forgot that I had been upset. The short version: I haven’t been very happy recently. I went to youth and was happy but not so happy….. I went to camp, laughed, and felt joy. I’VE NOT BEEN UPSET SINCE GOD TOUCHED MY HEART!

He filled me with His spirit when I really needed it. He is also providing for me and the rest of my family now that my mom has left her job. He shall never forsake us.

I have become closer to God. I’ve started worshiping more ,and I have stopped hurting people physically and emotionally. I feel more happy in general and around people

I went through a bad phase in my life. I was depressed, lonely and I didn’t feel like God was even there. At the G300 camp, a lady told me that God said he loves me more than I love my dog (shes like my baby), and he’s there every morning just like she is to wake me up, and he’s working in my situation. She also said that I am a perfect sister, and this really got to me because my brother’s going into matric next year, and I didn’t feel I was doing enough for us to be close. Every since then, I’ve been working on my relationship with God, and the quiet times with Him have also helped so much. I feel my relationship with God has never been this strong before. Praise God. I can’t imagine my life without God. And one more thing: I brought my non-Christian best friend with me to this camp, and she left a believer who is so in love with Jesus (I’ve been praying about this since forever)!!

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