In April 2010, a couple of days after flying out of the DRC for a mission trip, civil war broke out in the North Eastern Region of the DRC. A rebel movement which had been gaining political momentum over several months struck towns and cities in the region with severe violence. Goma, the city in which we had ministered, was held siege sending thousands of people into a state of panic. Over previous years we had developed a relationship with a pastor in this region by the name of Peter Udjisari. During this turbulent time, there were many children that were abducted by the Rebel army and trained for warfare. Peter’s second youngest son Isaac was one of hundreds of children that went missing amongst the chaos. Oasis Church came together in prayer and over a number of months continued to support Peter and his family in the form of much encouragement and finances.

After about 6 months, the chances of Isaac returning home began to look slim. However, in spite of the odds, a prophetic word came out the house that Isaac would be reunited with his family. Peter and his family took this word to heart a drew a renewed strength to contend for its fruition. It was only 3 months later that a complete stranger knocked on their door with news that Isaac had managed to escape from the Rebel training camp and had fled into Tanzania. Although this confirmed that Isaac was alive, it came with some bad news too. In his attempt to escape, Isaac had somehow been poisoned by a witch-doctor and was extremely sick. He had sent this word across borders from a bed where he lay and had actually begun to lose his eye-sight. Once again Oasis rallied together to support Peter in the form of prayer and finances as he ventured off into Tanzania to search for his long lost son. After about 3 weeks of searching and much leading of the Holy Spirit, he found Isaac. Isaac returned home with Peter to a wild celebration as the community embraced a lost son, but the details of his horrific experience began to unfold and it was soon realized the Isaac would need much healing.

God continued to move in profound ways and his sight was restored to 100% within weeks of his return. Isaac walked a long road to recovery and today is fully restored to his vibrant joyful self. He is committed to serving his Dad’s church and carries enormous testimony of God’s ability break into the most impossible of circumstances and turn them around to reveal His incredible goodness.

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