Just over two weeks ago, my father had an emergency operation for an intestinal obstruction, and he had been steadily recovering. On Sunday morning though, I had a phone call from his surgeon, saying that in the early hours of the morning he had had an episode where his blood oxygen levels had dropped sharply. They were concerned he might have a clot in his lungs – they were going to do a CT scan, and he might have to go back on a respirator. I had been reading a book on healing, and was struck by how Jesus had told us not just to pray for the sick, but to go and heal them in His name. I was also reminded of how He had healed from a distance (John 4). I took authority in Jesus’ name over this sickness, and declared my father healed by the blood of Jesus. Right after that, the phone rang again – it was the doctor phoning back to tell me they had determined he did not have a clot on his lungs, that the episode was caused by an infection. They were not going to do the scan, and he would not need to go on a ventilator. Since then, he’s been shaking off the infection. The doctor’s words were that it was “extraordinary”. I¬†continue to thank our wonderful Jesus for my father’s healing.

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