workshoppingWhile at a church Foundations day we were learning how to pray for people and things which were helpful and unhelpful in the process. The person leading the group asked if there was anyone that needed healing in the group. 3 of us put our hands up and he selected me to help demonstrate how to pray for the sick.

I had put my hand up because I was experiencing severe back pain which had persisted for 3 weeks. The group leader talked us through how to introduce ourselves and how to ask if people needed prayer. He did this with me as the group watched. He asked if he could pray and I said yes. He and the group prayed for my healing. Then he asked if there was any change and said if 10 was excruciating pain, how would I rate my pain before and after, and was there any change? I said my pain had been an 8, but that it was now a 4!

He offered to pray again and I agreed. He and the group prayed again and he talk about how we shouldn’t be afraid to keep praying and how we should always leave people with a sense that they had been “loved on” whether they had been healed or not. Then he asked how I was feeling. I realized that I had been completely healed!

GOD is so Good!

Chris Wright

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings