Last week I had to go to home affairs to renew my passport. Waiting patiently in the never ending line, I started chatting to a local young lady who is about to write her matric finals.

As I was chatting to her, I just felt in my heart that I need to ask her if she sings. At the time, it seemed totally random. As I asked her, her eyes lit up.

Sho, what a relief! She sings!

She became tearful and shared that she used to sing. Influential people in her life had told her that it is not viable to be a musician and discouraged her perusing a career in it. Her dreams had been totally shattered. Her parents threw away her book with all her own songs that she had written in it.  She stopped singing totally.

Last week, Jesus set her free of the condemnation and the fear that had built in her heart.

She has a voice of an angel! Within a few minutes after she was singing for us and we got to celebrate with her!

Jesus brings hope to the hopeless. He continuously sets people free.

Jesus is love!

It was a day well spent!

Megan Blaine

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings