We were at a local spot in Pietermaritzburg when we noticed the host had his foot in a brace type shoe and was using a crutch to aid his walking. When we were leaving I asked if he would have a moment to rest his foot at all today. He explained that he was working all day.

After telling us how he injured his foot, I asked if I could pray for him, Now. And he said yes and felt a noticeable change and improvement. He said it was an 8….10 being totally pain-free. He said that the tinge of pain that was there with every movement was completely gone. He wriggled his foot about checking the result.

He thanked us profusely and I explained that Jesus loved him so so so much, that God himself had healed him. He was blown away.

Glory to Our King who Loves to heal!

Rashieda Naidoo

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings