I saw a lady last week at a Mall who was walking very gingerly on two crutches. She looked in pain. So I inquired of her…asked her name and asked if I could pray for her, as she looked like she was in pain.

I learned from her that she had had knee surgery and had to have repeat surgery. She said I could pray and after I prayed for her I asked her to check if it was better. I said to her if “healing” was 10 and “still the same” was 1 what would the improvement be measured at?

She said 5 as she began to check out her knees. We prayed again and she said she felt it was better and said she would say the improvement was an 8. We rejoiced in Jesus and I encouraged her to keep believe  for a complete 🔟.

Glory to Jesus!!

Rashieda Naidoo

One Accord - Small group church Gatherings