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We have been teaching the children about prophetic words and how they are a way that God tells people that he loves them.

To test it out we reminded kids how prophetic words should follow the ABCD’s of prophecy – Always Builds up; always Cheers up; always Draws near- and asked God to give the kids pictures for the people whose names were written on the pages we had handed out. The kids drew the pictures that they saw for people and we wrote a short description along with their name and age.

We gave these pictures to the people whose names were on the pages and received report after report of how GOD had spoken directly to people and their situations. A Grd 1 student drew a picture of a plan view of a house and someone working at a screen. The lady who received this picture had studied interior design and gave feedback about how she loves drawing plans of rooms and moving furniture around and imagining how things could be arranged.
Another man received a picture of a garden, which was a confirmation of a word he had received shortly before. Yet another lady received a picture of someone on a mountain telling people about God, she was amazed as she works on missions into Lesotho and this word also confirmed one she had received before!

We have been amazed at how Good God has been to people through the children who were willing to take a chance and tell the story that God shared with them.

God is so Good!
Much Love,
The OK team

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