Testimonies of thanks

Dear Oasis church,

Thank you for the most fantastic time this weekend! There were some things that made such an impact on us that I wanted you to know and be encouraged by… Your community is extravagant! Their love, embrace, service, hospitality, care, concern and teamwork is just outstanding! I was humbled at their hearts of willingness to serve and ensure that each individual was looked after and sorted.

We felt so welcomed and loved! It excites me for people in Howick to know that there is a community with such a sincere heart of the Father – to draw in, accept and love people. Your level of excellence is amazing! The fine details have had so much attention paid to them and it is revealed in the overall layout and set out of everything including the decor – right down to the kids ministry pamphlet! The organisation of hosting was incredible!

Well done for logistically pulling off such a mammoth task that got so many included and hosted – again revealing the bigness of your community’s heart. We were so blessed to be with you guys and get to see Oasis as the fully functioning, radiant bride that she is. Thank you for a brilliant time. Bless you guys heaps & lots of love from us

Craig and Dawn Glenn

Dear Oasis

Thanks hugely for setting up an outstanding time this weekend.

We were all impacted by what was released. Had a great outpouring on Sunday, people singing prophetically for the first time. .people shaken and flung by an angelic presence…many responding to words of knowledge and amazing feedback from the folk who attended.

Thanks so much for what you guys have sown into us and look forward to partnering with you into an exciting future.

Huge love and favour
Michael and Jenni

Dear Oasis, just wanted to say thank you and Bless you for this weekend, it was a truly amazing time and it was life changing. We breathe abundance and “the more” over you. We are amazed and thrilled at the same time when we see what God is doing at Oasis and wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job! Keep hosting His presence, beautiful people!!!


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